Influence Government

By Dr Ben Collier, University of Edinburgh, Dr Gemma Flynn, Strathclyde University, Dr James Stewart, University of Edinburgh, Dr Daniel Thomas, Strathclyde University Influence Government: The fusion of behaviour change and targeted advertising in UK public bodies and law enforcement The practices of private sector advertising and marketing have long existed in a mutual relationship … Continue reading Influence Government

Mass Decarceration: A critical social history

By Dr Louise Brangan, University of Stirling Why do societies punish as they do? And why do these systems of punishment change, sometimes dramatically? This study will explore these theoretical and historical questions by pursuing an original perspective, examining the mass decarceration of women and girls in the Republic of Ireland between 1970-1998. In 1950s … Continue reading Mass Decarceration: A critical social history

Community Justice: An Opportunity to ‘Re-integrate’?

By Dr Jamie Buchan and Dr Scott Grant Situating Scotland’s approach to community justice alongside our European neighbours is something that deserves more press in political and academic circles. In 2018 we accepted the offer to update a comprehensive chapter on Scottish ‘probation’ for the Confederation of European Probation (CEP) – previously completed in 2008. … Continue reading Community Justice: An Opportunity to ‘Re-integrate’?

Penal supervision in a pandemic

By Prof Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow With prisons described by epidemiologists as incubators of disease, it is obvious and entirely right that much of the focus of criminologists and other criminal justice activists in recent weeks has been on the urgent need to decarcerate. The challenges and opportunities for social work services have also … Continue reading Penal supervision in a pandemic

On the Outside: Families of Prisoners and Covid-19

By Dr Kirsty Deacon, University of Strathclyde There are currently 7,339 people in prison in Scotland. Almost all will have family members, whether more traditional nuclear family, wider extended family, or non-blood relations who fulfil this role. While the current lockdown is not comparable to serving a prison sentence, it does, perhaps, give us some … Continue reading On the Outside: Families of Prisoners and Covid-19