Working Under Lockdown

Effects on those who deliver services to justice involved populations By Prof Michele Burman, Prof Robin A. Robinson and Dr Annie Crowley Although largely out of government and media frames of ‘essential workers’, and within a wider context of rapidly diminishing resources and precarious funding, many community-based voluntary organisations working with criminal justice-involved groups are … Continue reading Working Under Lockdown

Living Under Covid-19

By Professor Laura Piacentini, University of Strathclyde On hearing the Scottish government announcement, made on the 18th of March, that schools in Scotland would close indefinitely from the 20th of March, and that we would then enter a period of lockdown because of the epic human catastrophe called Covid-19, I entered a period of what … Continue reading Living Under Covid-19

Penal supervision in a pandemic

By Prof Fergus McNeill, University of Glasgow With prisons described by epidemiologists as incubators of disease, it is obvious and entirely right that much of the focus of criminologists and other criminal justice activists in recent weeks has been on the urgent need to decarcerate. The challenges and opportunities for social work services have also … Continue reading Penal supervision in a pandemic